Frameless Glass Railings and More in Kelowna British Columbia

Elite Custom glass railing systems use 10 – 12 mm crystal clear tempered safety glass which is available in clear, or tinted colors. We use a variety of high grade stainless steel all dependent on the intended placement and use of your glass fence or glass railing system. Elite Custom glass offers two glass guardrail systems that are designed without a top rail. Our Frameless Glass and Shoe-mount Glass guardrails produce the least obstruction of any glass guardrail systems available. Sightlines are dramatically improved as the thickness of the glass and design of it’s supporting structure eliminate the need for a top rail. The International Residential Code (IRC) does not require that a top rail needs to be used in residential (one and two-family dwelling) guardrail systems. However, local jurisdictions may elect to impose more-stringent requirements and require top rails on all glass guardrail systems. Regarding the glass itself, the IRC specifies that tempered glass is an acceptable material for use in guardrails. Our glass railings are designed and installed by our experts. They are customized to fit your home, meaning that no one else will have a similar design. Glass can be used in a variety of different aesthetics, anywhere from a traditional feel to a modern stainless chrome look for contemporary flash. Glass is not a common material used for railings, so your home will definitely stand out from the rest!