Custom Cut Glass Mirrors in Kelowna British Columbia

The installation of custom mirrors can also help to create the illusion of more space in a room. They can easily make small rooms feel much larger and more spacious. By adding custom mirrors to a smaller living room or family room, as an example, they can make the room seem much larger without the need for any kind of costly renovations. Custom mirrors are regularly used in bathrooms as well. Large bathrooms can benefit from the extra light and brightness that they provide, and smaller bathrooms can benefit from the illusion of space. Custom mirrors can be manufactured, cut and installed for almost any bathroom layout, and they’re a great fit on walls, ceilings, and any other surface, really.
Regardless of the space or configuration that you want to work with, mirrors can be custom made to accommodate almost anything.

Available in 1/8″, 3/16″, and 1/4” thicknesses. Can be cut to match any opening. Maximize light, double the size of any room, with the clever use of mirrors. Why not add edge lighting and allow the mirror to “float” off the wall. Traditional beveled and contemporary etched styles all made to order to any size and normally delivered within 1 week.


Hang a long skinny mirror horizontally along a hall way for a contemporary edge that will instantly elongate your hall while allowing you to touch up your hair and make-up before heading out the door.

In the absence of a walk in wardrobe, a bedroom needs to be equipped with a full-length mirror in order to check out the most suitable style combinations each morning.

If you have the wall space, a large mirror hung floor to ceiling will create a dramatic dressing space within your bedroom interior.