Can’t part with your tub, but crave a look that’s sleeker than a shower curtain? A glass tub enclosure could be your happy medium. A frameless tub enclosure can help create a minimalist and clean feel in your bathroom.
These are very easy to clean since there are no nooks or crannies for soap scum to accumulate or for mold to grow. These bath enclosures can also provide flexibility of customized choices. But probably the best advantage of frameless bath enclosures is that these are a relatively affordable way of updating the overall appearance of the bathroom. Despite being cost effective, these can bring a modern and luxurious look and feel to your bathroom. Another good thing is that you can easily retrofit this to your existing bathroom which means that there is no need to have a complete renovation. The installation consists of a configuration with the door hinged directly to the wall or to a panel. All of the panels and doors are 10 or 12 mm of clear tempered glass.  All of the hardware (handles, hinges, clamps, clips, and channel) are completed in a stunning, clean chrome finish, or a different finish of your choice!